About me

About me

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a person who deserts and betrays a set of principles.

*DISCLAIMER: I am no rebel…. That is, unless we’re talking about fashion.

My name is Reina Jordan and I am a lover of fashion!  My aim is to offer reasonable, refined, retail choices for those of you who want to look good on a budget.

The idea behind Reinagade Fashion is inspired by my decision to desert the common perception that quality fashion means paying overly expensive prices and so 90% of the clothing items featured on my website are bought on sale.  I have learnt that looking good doesn’t mean breaking the bank and that your style can change during the seasons as much as with each coming one.

Join me as I share my style  and help you find yours !

If you’d like to collaborate or advertise on my website, please contact me by sending me an email below! 

Look expensive but your clothes don’t have to be

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