Your Perfect Hideout

Your Perfect Hideout

We’ve all heard of the Man Cave; the sanctuary filled with a 50 inch flat screen TV, a never ending cooler of beers and all of the sports memorabilia that a die heart fan could want. Well consider Montreal’s le Hideout the new woman cave where all of your pamper and aesthetic dreams collide. Truthfully, the name could not be more fitting because not only is it tucked away in one of the edgiest parts of Griffintown, but the plethora of services offered make it the perfect hideout for all of your beauty needs.

The mix of raw wood panelling, cement ceiling and splashes of pink textures add to their eclectic contemporary decor. Though the real show stopper in this beautiful beauty salon is the stunning centre piece, doubling as their nail polish storage and vanity! The creative genius behind this piece is none other than Ménard Dworkind, one of Montreal’s architectural design powerhouses, responsible for some of the most aesthetic spaces in the city, like Miss Wong, Blossom Bar, Journey, Ryu and many others!

They say that beauty attracts the eye but personality captures the heart; more than the beauty of the salon, it’s the personality and atmosphere that is created by owners Charlotte and Martine and the whole le Hideout staff that make you want to stay there for hours- not to mention their cute little puppy Lily! When I arrived, the staff greeted me with warm smiles and brought me tea while I waited for my appointment to begin! Needless to say, they captured my heart and I guarantee that le Hideout staff will capture yours too!

Photo taken by: Fiona Khan

I ended up getting a shellac manicure by Charlotte and of course, she nailed it! I was surprised not only at how quickly it was done but the quality of the product! In keeping with my skin care focus, I also ended up getting their hydrating facial which lasted about an hour. And let me tell you- an hour well spent!

Immediately after the facial
Photo taken by: Fiona Khan

The facial treatment started with them offering me a pair of heated boots and a blanket, ya’ll I didn’t even know heated boots were a thing! They used Anesi products and started with the hydrating detox followed by the cleanse, hydrating lotion, exfoliant, a black head extraction, oxygenating gel and ‘haute fréquence’, which calms the skin and acts as a disinfectant. The facial ended with a message focussing on my face, neck, arms and hands.

If you saw my LPG facial blog post, I’d say that the main difference between the two is that the LPG treatment acted as a way to stimulate and reawaken the deep tissue in the skin whereas the hydrating facial focusses more on the surface of the skin with hydration and the extraction of impurities through the use of exfoliants as well as a focussed extraction. I am blessed to say that I don’t suffer from acne but I do get black heads on my nose which I’ve tried to treat and simply learned to live with but after the facial all of my black heads were gone and have stayed gone for weeks!

Their shellac manicure is $35 and the hydrating facial is $75. As I said before, what makes this place so special is all of the many services to choose from and so you can literally get everything done at one spot, which definitely saves on time! The other services they offer are: pedicures, laser hair-removal treatments, eyelash extensions, epilation, makeup, facials and face treatments, lash extensions, spray tanning, micro-blading, teeth whitening, with the possibility of more coming soon!

If you haven’t yet had a chance to visit their lovely establishment, they are having their grand opening event Wednesday January 30th from 3pm- 10pm at 168 Rue Ann Montréal, QC H3C 2J8!

See you there! Xo

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