How to put the Cool Back in School

How to put the Cool Back in School

The question isn’t if you’re ready for school but if school is ready for your fly looking-self! 

I know that the first few weeks of school can be stressful especially where outfits are concerned but I want to offer you some really easy style tips that will hopefully help minimize that stress.

The common perception around school outfits is that cute means uncomfortable. So by the third week, the skirts are swapped for sweatpants, you quickly find out that those boots were not made for walking, the sneakers get brought out and you blame Nike for making you do it. But I’m here to tell you that with the right pieces, your outfits can be as stylish as they are comfortable.



In the Fall, the days tend to start off a little cooler and so if you have a morning class, I would suggest finishing off the outfit with an accent jacket like this faux-leather biker jacket I got on sale at Zara.


The adidas Superstars were bought last year on sale at Little Burgundy and let me tell you, these babies are super comfy! I love sneakers as much as the next person especially when my days include a big trek to the top of McTavish for class. However, if you do opt for the sneaker route, I suggest getting a pair of shoes that are comfortable but that have a stylish element to them either in terms of the colour or design that can help to elevate an otherwise casual look.





Comment your go-to school outfit and what you’re studying!

If you’re not in Cégep or University, let me know what you would like to study or what you’ve studied in the past.




Photo credits: Dominique Lawrence

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