White After Labor Day?

White After Labor Day?
1HAT, ZARA, $15

In the fashion world, we are told “No white after Labor Day” but do any of us actually know why? 

If the answer is no, I got you covered! The student (and possibly rebel) in me felt like a little research was due before venturing into yet another white-less Fall. 

Labor Day was officially established in 1872 in Canada and 1894 in the United States and was coined the official end of Summer. As many people know, lighter colours like white are worn in the Summer because they help to keep us cool on those hot Summer days.

Shoes: Zara, 14$

The 1900s’ Upperclass were also aware of the cooling properties of white, which was the colour of choice when spending their Summer days on vacation by the sea. Though once Summer vacation came to an end, they would store up their Summer suitcases and their white clothes along with them and would revert back to their city attire. 

Essentially, white was not only worn because it kept you cool but as a way to distinguish between classes, especially among the women. Only those who could afford it, would be able to stay on trend by having a completely different wardrobe throughout the seasons. 

 I don’t know about you but I think it’s time to whiteout the “white out after Labor Day” that was upheld by the Upper class way back when! After all some rules, whether fashion or otherwise, are meant to be broken right?

I’m not suggesting wearing white from head to toe but how about pairing it with a patterned item, like the striped one I have on. You could also break it up by adding some darker accessories like a hat or a blazer as the temperatures get colder.

As with art, I think that white makes a good canvas any time of the year!  –

What do you think about the no white after Labor Day rule? Do you follow it? 
Have you heard any other theories behind where it all began? 

Let me know in the comments down below!

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